Wednesday, 2 November 2016

SEATON SANDS 02-11-16 ...

It was around 9am.
The sun shone a lazy light across the Bay towards Saltburn.
Dog walkers spend time with their pets in the early morning light; a precious time indeed.

The light had brightened to a crisp light by the time I had investigated near the North Gare for finds. I stopped on the way back to try and do nature's picture justice with a camera on a mobile phone.

The dramatic waves tempted me to the water's edge to try to capture a good view of breaking waves.
The Sea was odd, as I walked towards the sea I was joined by water draining off the Beach at an alarming rate. It reminded me of the stories you hear before a Tsunami hits; it wasn't a Tsunami, just the outgoing tide fighting the waves rolling in from a strong and angry Sea, so before I knew it the water that was going out was coming in. I didn't attempt to outrun it as I had visions of tripping over the two dogs that I had with me. So there I was shin deep in surprisingly warm water with two dogs belly deep and more. :-)

Perhaps the picture above shows just how much the tide was rushing, if you note the wet area.

I was tempted back towards the Sea to get the photograph above.
Such an angry Sea on such a calm day.
The view is South towards the mouth of he River Tees.

Not loads of finds as the Sea had swapped shingle for sand.

All of the usual suspects but in a variety of colours.


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