Thursday, 13 May 2021

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Oh for a normal day.

Beach Buoy and Stubborn Dog headed for the beach in search of normal.

A van at the end of the road had had an engine fire, it was a write-off.

Beach Buoy carried Stubborn Dog to the Promenade Wall.

Two volunteers stood nearby, watching over the Little Terns.

There was a slight breeze from the west, but the Wind Turbines stood idle in the Bay.

Beach Buoy carried Stubborn Dog to the beach, passing the cordoned-off area.

The Sun came outs Beach Buoy laced his mate on the sand.

It was the brightest and warmest of sun bursts.

Stubborn Dog wouldn't be walking tonight .
Beach Buoy sat down beside his mate, remembered the past and broke his heart once more.




Beach Buoy carried Stubborn Dog to the sands for a pre- Vet toilet stop.

It was pouring down.

Depending on what the vet said this could be his last beach.

It didn't feel fitting having such a downpour on such a day.

The went to the vets in Middlesbrough.

No results back.

The Vet kept repeating just how serious the situation was.

Beach Buoy broke his heart all of the way back to Seaton



Monday, 10 May 2021

MONDAY, 10 MAY 2021.

Stubborn Dog;  still out of action but very bored.

They headed to the beach.

There would be no walk today.

It was just another change of scenery for Stubborn Dog.

The rain and sun did battle.

Beach Buoy sat with his beach mate and a coffee as the rain fell down upon the van's roof.


It was good to have the van sorted.
Hopefully Stubborn Dog will soon be too.


Sunday, 9 May 2021

SUNDAY 09 MAY 2021.

Greatham Creek.

Took Stubborn Dog for a carry ; a change of scene.

He is bored and not well.

They didn't stay long.

Fast forward to 4-20 pm.

Beach Buoy headed to the beach, alone and on foot.

As he passed the Cricket Club someone had just reached a century, applause rang out. 

Spots of rain began to fall as he reached the beach car park.
It was 4-30pm.
He headed for the sea.
It looked like the tide had turned around an hour ago , The strand line and water's edge were close but growing ever more part as the tide receded.
A couple walked the freshly exposed sand, heading North.
Beach Buoy headed South. 

A family milled around a lone tent and windbreak.

There was a mild wind from the south west.

Rain drops become more regular as the walk progressed.

More couples headed North , hoping to avoid a soaking perhaps?

Beach Buoy wasn't bothered if it poured down or not.

He stacked the stack at 4-58.

He went to the dune edge and plonked himself down.

The rain eased into gentle spits and spots.

Sand Martins travelled just above him ,as they searched for flies along the dune edge.

A fly landed on Beach Buoy's beach book, as if trying to see what scribbled notes he had written about today's beach visit.


He photographed the finds for the blog.

He sat a while there seemed to be a gull feeding frenzy just offshore?

Four Gulls chased another that had found food.

Three Little Terns headed back to the nest site from their fishing trip.
They are so small; like first draught pencil sketches of much bigger birds.

He headed back.
Two White Scotty Dogs came running over to say hello.
One with a blue collar, the other with a red one.
He gave both dogs a neck scratch and ear rub.
'Sorry!' shouted the lady owner.
'It's OK.'

He left the beach as a horse and Pony arrived.


Saturday, 8 May 2021


It had been an odd weekend.

Stubborn Dog is out of action.

The van went in to have new brake pads fitted, they stripped the van then found out they couldn't obtain the new pads until Monday; so no van until then.

Beach Buoy decided that even without Stubborn Dog and the van that he needed to go to the beach.

The alternative is death by coffee and biscuits. 

He left the house at 6-39 p.m. on foot.

A man cycled by, texting on his phone as he rode.

Beach Buoy reached the car park at 6-49 p.m.

He heard the chattering of The Little Terns before he caught a glimpse of the sea.

Two volunteers watched over the Terns.

It had been a rainy day; it was better now.

A slight breeze blew across the beach from the west.

A man sat at the side of the access ramp, waiting for his Dog to catch up.


"Alright." answered Beach Buoy as he passed.

The Village Church Bells rang out for 7 p.m. as he reached the strand line..... (It was 6-56.)

Three people walked their Dogs; An Old English Sheepdog and a pup, so in theory , a Young English Sheepdog?

It was overcast but as is usually the case the evening sun shone down on Saltburn, across the bay.

Beach Buoy wandered southwards; Dog-less.

He had always thought of Stubborn Dog as a dragging anchor.

Turns out that the dog is the wind in his sails and the rudder too.

There were some people up near the stack, so Beach Buoy carried on south, towards Sand Martin Corner.

His foot became caught in fishing line that was laid across the beach.

Beach Buoy bundled it up and beach cleaned it.

Chattering Little Terns were feeding down this end of the beach.

They sounded out to the east as the Skylarks sang from the west.

Beach Buoy was pleased to see at least five Sand Martins take part in an aerial display alongside the pier. 

Then it was time for a slow walk back.


It was 7-55 p.m.

He stacked the stack.

He returned to the beach.

A barefoot child walked the water's edge as Mam and dog walked  alongside.

The tide had gone way out.

He left the beach at 8 -15 p.m.




Well Stubborn Dog returned.

He's not in a good way.

Vets again on Tuesday.

Then maybe operation?

Beach Buoy sat up with him.

It had been election day in Hartlepool.

TV interviewed some people.

One was the owner of our beach mate; Mari the Big Friendly Poodle.

She always makes a bee-line for Beach Buoy, apparently he is the chosen one.


Thursday, 6 May 2021


Dogs eh?

Beach Buoy's mate is having an operation tomorrow.

Beach Buoy is not coping too well about it all to be honest.

He sticks closer than a shadow.

Without doubt the most Stubborn Dog in the world.

Blog co-editor.

Sometimes sleeping on the job.

Frosty Dune patrol duty.

There has been other dogs too.

Duke; a girl.

He is ten next month.

The operation forms say Ten is a "Geriatric" age for a dog.....


Then goodness knows how they would class Bonnie.

She was over Twenty when she died.

Dogs eh?

Beach Buoy.


It was 6-25pm when Beach Buoy reached the Car Park.
It was a Wednesday.
A Lady leaned on the Promenade Wall, she watched the Little Terns through binoculars as her husband checked the oil level on his car.
The Little Tern area had been marked out with cones and ropes.
The £20000 fine might help people keep out too?

An unusual cloud followed Beach Buoy along the beach.

He took aim at some shingle patches as he headed south.
He gathered some some stones and headed up to stack the stack.
A couple dressed in black sat nearby with their backs to the sea; dune watching.
Beach Buoy headed to Sand Martin Corner.

An Artist had set up an Easel, he too had his back to the sea.
His companion sat nearby, choosing to watch the sea.

Beach Buoy turned to head back.

Beach Buoy felt a bit lost.
Stubborn Dog was too ill to come today.



They arrived at 6-20 pm.
The strong wind had been there all day long.
The tide was a fair way out.
The wind was cold.

Two teenage Goths sheltered from the wind by the southernmost end of the Promenade as they sat on the beach.

Beach Buoy and Stubborn Dog headed south with the wind on their backs.

Gulls were struggling to head north.
They seemed to opt for a method of flight that entailed them gaining height, then move northwards as they fell from the sky.

A Crow seemed to have given up completely as he walked the beach like a clockwork toy.

The horizon looked like a saw blade.
It was rough out there.

Sunshine and Shadows ran the length of the beach.

They were almost blown up to the stack.
They stacked the stack.

They returned to the beach and began to continue south, there was beach access to Sand Martin Corner.
A badly decomposed Body of a large Seal lay on the Grey Rocks.
They headed back before the journey was completed.


A slow walk back with a faceful of wind for company.




Beach Buoy and Stubborn Dog hadn't been to the beach for over a week, thanks to various reasons.

Beach Buoy hadn't planned to go today either....

He was up before 5am.

He sat watching the sunlight begin to travel the width of the rear garden as he wondered what the beach was looking like.
He sat for almost two hours, before buckling and heading for the beach with Stubborn Dog in Tow.

They reached the car park at 6-58 am.
They were greeted by the unmistakable chattering sound of the newly arrived Little Terns.

The air moved ever so slightly from the west; not cold, not warm.
It was sea air.

Beach Buoy and Stubborn Dog wandered down the strand line, heading south.

Some regulars; a Border Collie Couple were close by.
Their Dog had picked up a driftwood stick of about a metre in length.
He trotted around as pleased as punch.

A Labrador headed north, on the water's edge.
It too had driftwood in its mouth ...
but this piece looked like half of a tree.

The Border Collie looked on in almost disbelief.

They stacked the stack at 7-30 am.
It had faired well.

They walked back down to the beach.
The Grey Rocks and the Sea had introduced themselves to one another. 
There was no beach  access to Sand Martin Corner.

They just headed to the water's edge.

The sea was rippled with curled edges.
Beach Buoy crouched  down near the edge of the sea to take some some photographs.
He can confirm the his new beach boots are indeed waterproof!

They headed back along the strand line
as the Skylarks sang out over the dunes.

They reached the Promenade.
Beach Buoy plonked Stubborn Dog upon the Promenade Wall, after fetching a thermal cup full of coffee from the van.

It was 8-20 a.m.

They unwound in the view.

They sat in the van a while.

Twitchers arrived search of Little Terns.


Monday, 3 May 2021



Another excellent painting 


Liz O'neill.


based on a view of Seaton Carew.

Thank you.

Beach Buoy.

Sunday, 25 April 2021


They headed for the beach.

It was around 5-43am.

Only one street light was still switched on.

No one told it that the party was over.

The Cricket pitch was frosted over.

They reached  the car park at 5-49 am.

A dog walker walked the water's edge under a free-range egg yolk of a sun.

The air was still.

The Wind Turbines were stood idle with

"Arms." raised as if they were saying 

"Told you so."

The air was chilly.

About a dozen or so Oyster Catchers picked at the sand between the strand line and dune edge. 

Some beach regulars milled about.

Painted driftwood reflected the sunlight.


A couple passed by near the strand line.

They left very contrasting footprints.

A Skylark with new batteries fitted sang over the Stack as it was stacked.

It tried its best to drown the sea.

Beach Buoy returned to the beach and headed south, searching shingle as he walked.

The distant wave lady's Dog ran ahead of its owner once more to say hello.

Beach Buoy found an alley either made from 

marble (marble.)

or Alabaster (Alley.)

Ghost fishing gear; beach cleaned.

Fishermen use the containers as floats

They tie rope through the handle.

The rope cuts through the thinner plastic.

The Golden Sun turned silver.

Slow walk back.

Another wind-blown balloon burst and beach cleaned.


The finds.


Kettle on.


Coffee and Doughnut.

Beach Buoy.