Thursday, 24 November 2016

SEATON CAREW 24 11 16.

No lifts to do after work so grabbed two dogs and headed for the Beach in a walk I knew would end in darkness. Supplied with two newly bought torches we set off... 

The darkness dropped like a stone .
The item above caught my eye in the gloom
From a dark distance it looked like large sea bird but closer inspection showed to be an old timber with a heavy concretion  for a base.

Many of the find tonight were located by torch light... 2 torches in fact, as Dad always said take 2 torches on the Beach so from a distance people don't know you are on your own in the darkness on an evening Beach.

Sea Glass from The Gloom...
well worth the effort...
not that there was any effort at all.
My feet touch the sand and I breathe.


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