Friday, 25 November 2016

MIDDLETON 25-11-16.

I finish work at 3 on a Friday.
The Dog was getting minded, so on the way out of work I popped to Middleton Beach, Hartlepool.

The sky was so clear as the Sun prepared to say goodbye for the day.

Found lots of glass in my short visit, the glass heart was the best piece.

The Sea wall at Middleton.

A lost key or a break in ?
Everything on the Beach has a story.
Everyone on the Beach has a story.

The pot and stone finds.

Green bonfire glass  and some safety / security glass. If I was artistic  or ever get around to making more things with my finds then this wire glass would make good fish scale designs.

The remainder of the finds for the day own what turned out to be a brief but pleasant and relaxing visit to the Beach of my childhood.


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