Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Well the chuffing clocks have gone back and the nights have drawn in way too quickly. I am desperately missing night beach walks. The dog is too; he just can't figure it out.
Poor mutt.
Last year I started to draw some of the sea pottery sherds I had found.  Incidentally, I am told that glass is shards and pottery is sherds. You learn something everyday.
Why draw them?
I just love the flower design and the faded colours that they have ended up with after their life at sea.

As well as flowers you can sometimes find birds or boats or even  the fragment of a word that can set a story of in your head.

I have much too much sea glass and pottery now.
The above pictures are just the tip of the Iceberg.
The shed is bursting at the seams with it all.
I am fairly certain the the shed gives an extra groan to itself when it hears me head for the beach.

I have blogged this photograph in the past.
It is my Father and I. 
We are sat outside our cabin at Middleton.
It had a sea view.
It was the first cabin you came to as you walked off the Middleton Pier.
He built the little bench that the children are sat on, so that people could admire the sea view.
The cabin and buildings in the distance are gone now, as is The Old Man.
I suppose he was my best friend, even back then as a child.
He got me into Beaches, so next time you groan shed... Blame the Old man!


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