Monday, 1 August 2016

NEWBURN BRIDGE BEACH, SEATON CAREW 31-07-16 Beach No.30 out of a target of 52 for year.

Newburn Bridge at Seaton Carew.

This was the scene today but back in November 1901 there was a gale and a shipwreck taking place. My Great Grandfather was one of the Rocket Brigade crew trying to get a line to the Swedish ship; Trio.
The Gale was blowing the line back so in his frustration my Great Grandfather tied a rope around his waist and swam out to help save life.
He was awarded a gold medal by the town ; a number of others were too, but only he was awarded the Sea Gallantry Medal.
Almost unbelievably the whole thing was photographed and reproduced thanks to Hartlepool Arts and Museum Service.

The ship had left Port and headed North but dashed back to Hartlepool for safety when the weather turned. The weather was so bad it could not et into the Port and she was breaking up in Hartlepool Bay.
Note the men in flat caps watching.

More onlookers as the ship is at the Sea's mercy.
Masts are breaking up as the Ship is tossed around.

It looks like a puff of white smoke on the left, perhaps from the Rocket team? 



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