Wednesday, 10 August 2016


The Sun was bright but it was a silver bright not the gold glow of a sunset.
It was an early morning walk in shorts !
Caves see more sun than my legs.
The sea was about an hour from high tide and fingers of sea reached in, trying to wipe slate the clean of yesterday's story of footprints, to leave a blank canvas for today's collection of beachcombers, joggers and dog walkers.

The roar of the Sea was accompanied  by the rumble of the beach cleaning machine; like the incoming sea, the driver was creating  a  blank canvas for  the day.
Rust Coloured Jellyfish punctuated the beach along it's length.

A lonely summer dress danced in the breeze to the sounds of the Sea.
I sat and watched the sea for a while, the strong smell of seaweed filled the air and my head; as always it reminded me of Douglas in the Isle of Man. I decided to have a paddle on the way back... the first time in years.
Two groups of women ; walking in opposite directions, collide and stop to talk to each other as do their small yappy dogs.

I did a #2minutebeachclean on the way back,
it included a bald tennis ball ; scalped by the sea.
The was very little sea glass or pottery as it was almost high tide.

The dog had a paddle too and was worn out.

Beach Buoy.

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