Tuesday, 9 August 2016

08-08-16. RUNSWICK BAY, NORTH YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND. Beach No. 32 out of a Target of 52 for the yer.

It was a morning visit to Brunswick Bay. We parked at the bottom of a very steep bank... take care going back up;stick to a very low gear, especially if you have a car load of people and dogs as we did... it chuffing steep!
It was picnic time so we carried everything and ate and drank near the benches on a grassy bank. A lady asked if she could ask some questions for a survey about our use of the area to which we agreed.

The little  white cottage must be one of the most photographed  cottages in England.

Some of the family enjoy a paddle in Runswick Bay.

It is a beach best visited as the tide has gone or is going out.
The will be very little Beach at high tide and an incoming high tide could end up cutting you off at the foot of the cliffs.
I have been to this beach before but as I have said in the past; if I am going to new or fairly new beach to me then I try to go a couple of hours after high tide. This means I know that I have a good few hours when I know the tide isn't going to come back and catch me out

The view to Kettleness at the South end of the bay.

One wonders how long this beach side shed will last.
One also wonders which lucky person owns it.
It is very close to the bank edge.
It would be such a loss, should it tumble into a stormy sea.

I love the scene of the brightly coloured boats, stored on the steep bank. The bank  is close to a nice little, dog friendly cafe. We have sheltered here in the past with a warm drink during a cold April downpour. 


Not much in the way of glass or pottery finds.
There's a fossil and a few unusual stones.


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