Thursday, 4 August 2016


Hiya, it was an evening walk again the tide was on the way out which is best for finds as its virgin beach; a fresh set of eyes and all of that.
As I walked spots of rain threatened a downpour; it was to start raining later just as I got back to the car.
It's really odd how often Saltburn across the bay is bathed in evening sun , whilst we have clouds and rain.
Again tonight you can see Saltburn illuminated
by the Sun. 

Here's the view South. The item on the right, that looks like an old drum is in fact a pipe.
It appears from time to time thanks to the shifting sand. Usually it may on stick above the sand by a couple of inches, so the amount visible today helps to highlight the amount of sand movement.

Some good finds on the last couple of nights thanks to some choppy seas.

Tonight's sea alley albeit  a broken one.

Beach Bum at the North Gare.

Tonight's haul of sea pottery.

Sea Glass finds



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