Friday, 15 April 2016


This is true.
Over 25 years ago the items shown above turned up in my house.
There was or is no explanation for their arrival.
At the time my children were very young and would not have brought them into the house and my wife had "Never seen them before."
It happened when I was working in Middlesbrough, about 12 miles from where I lived in Hartlepool.
My mode of transport for my work was a motorcycle.
I didn't have expensive leathers; I wore waterproofs and boots most of the time, they come off in one as I would rush to or from work. A little like you would see fireman do, if the pants went on ; the boots were inside and followed.
On a night I would take them off and fling them into a cupboard we had in the downstairs bath room.
Every Morning i would untangle them and do my fireman impersonation.
One morning the boots and waterproofs had been separated; the waterproofs folded neatly on top with the items in the photograph placed on the neat waterproofs.
I could not make sense of it all.
I went to work puzzled and quizzed  everyone on my return to Hartlepool without an explanation being found.
I messed on with the items for ages and made the word TOAST ... see below.
From left to right we..
 have a large bolt.
some sort of rivet type head.
a motorcycle battery terminal.
a twist of metal like those created  by using a shipyard chipping gun.
A smaller bolt.
My Father had died a couple of years earlier,
we were very close in some ways and he had started out his working life in a shipyard so I wondered if that was the link?

It may sound silly, but in an effort to sort it out I went and found Dad's dictionary; the one he used to sit and use every night as he tried to complete the Hartlepool Mail's Crossword.

There was a loose page acting as a bookmark for Toast, it was the only loose page in the book of over 750 pages. You can see on the photograph the yellowed stain of a failed sticky tape fix.

What page was Toast on?
my Father died aged 56
50 6.
Makes you wonder?
well it made me wonder.

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