Sunday, 17 April 2016

REDCAR SEAFRONT TO MARSKE BY THE SEA VIA THE STRAY 17-04-16 Beaches 21,22 &23 out of a target of 52 different beaches for the year.

I parked opposite a house call Peel Cottage on Redcar Seafront.
As I was getting the dogs ready for the walk, a gent came from the house, crossed the road and looked at the sea.
"Lovely Day." He said
and I agreed. "Did you see Britain's Got Talent the other week?" He asked. He then went on to tell me that his dog had just died days earlier, and one of the same breed had been on the TV show.
We briefly discussed what a loss they are when they go.
I told him how sorry I was to hear of his loss.

I was going to head South, but looked North to take this photograph of Redcar's Vertical Pier.
I must admit i like a Groyne or two .

So here are some Groynes................... 

It was a stunning Morning.
The tide was on the way back in.

The day was calm but the sea seemed to be angry somewhere out there.

From the Beach I noticed a sign.
I wanted any Beach names for my count; this beach was called
The Stray. 

More Groynes. 


Groyne End.

Two for company.

Houses by the Sea.

Walkers in the Sun.
I had intended to Walk as far as Saltburn, but it was getting no closer, or so it seemed. I could see a Church Tower up on the Bank top, so i went to investigate. 

It was St Germains churchyard at Marske-by-the-Sea.

After a brief stop at the Church, we turned and headed back.

What route back ?
Prom or Beach?


Boats on the Prom.

Finds and Fossils.

Beach Buoy.

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