Friday, 29 April 2016


A few weeks ago I lost my marbles; my sea marbles.
Above is my Summerhouse / Shed.
Full of bags (I will reuse them Honest.) of Sea Pottery and Sea Glass, drying driftwood and random beach finds.
There is nothing of any financial worth; just finds.
I last remembered seeing the Marbles when I sorted out some items for a jar of beach finds for workmate to give to his daughter.
I remember thinking the jar was too small and located a larger one.
Once I realised that the Marbles where missing, I searched and searched and searched the shed.

Above is the study.
I have my more precious finds in here and really this is where the marbles should be. Again I searched and searched in here.
The jar of Marbles was not to be seen.

I would check and re-check did I hide them here?
Did i put them in here?
Two boxes of my bounty from my first few Seaham visits.

Not here.
Or here ... and Yes I know it was a jar that I was looking for or was it?

I would check these two at least once a night

An old biscuit tin full of some Childhood finds.

The blue box was a present to put glass related items in.

I would look in here.

But not under here !
Yes, they were under the tray in a Bag!
When i had upsized the finds jar.. i had given them the sea marble jar and placed my finds into  bag and under the shelves.

So now they live in here.

Here they are. Paired up with some recent finds.
The strange things I had  only just accepted that they were lost, it was around 1am.
I decided to look for a couple of recent marbles to start off a new jar.
I thought that there maybe some in the blue box, i searched under the trays and there they where.
Maybe there is a moral there too?

Beach Buoy.

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