Wednesday, 8 February 2017

SEATON CAREW 08-02-17.

It was Beach by torchlight again tonight.
I just did a prom walk last night and it was odd looking down onto the dark Beach, like it was another world I was missing out on.

I stood for a while facing the Sea tonight looking at all the shades of colour a night sky and lights can bring.
To my left was the Orange glow of Hartlepool, as I rotated 360 degrees this changed to the twinkle of Seaton Carew and a dullness behind the Sand Dunes. The mouth of the River Tees had a soft Amber glow, then out in the Bay we have Rubies on sticks, which are the Tees Bay wind turbines and then the darkest of darks with void of the open Sea straight ahead.
The rain came and in the light of two torches it looked like silver bullets flying past just missing their intended target... it got me in the End.
As I turned to head back a military jet was overhead in the Dark sky. It roared and thundered angrily around as if someone was on a training flight. I could almost hear a voice say ... "And this is the throttle .. WOAH !"

There was a fair amount of shingle tonight, so the finds were OK, bearing in mind it was a torchlit search.

Funny how the greens and browns seem to be more prominent on torchlit searches.


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