Saturday, 11 February 2017


I had been to work.
High tide was was around 3pm.
I hit the Beach around 4 pm after a swift cup of tea.
The sea was wild and roaring.
It was raining, but I really needed the walk.
We had only walked a short while and I noticed a crow showing great interest in a sea bird that was in obvious distress.
As we approached the crow flew off; whisked away in the strong wind, towards the Dunes.

We approached the Bird,the Dog was too interested and I had to keep our distance.
I rang BDMLR for advice on what to do.
They suggested a trip to the Vet.
I took the Dog back to the car.
I emptied one of two large boxes that I have in the back of the Car filled with extra Hats, Gloves, First Aid Kit, Spare everything, Fluffy Towels and other items I would have stashed in a Camper Van kit box ... just need to get around to get the Camper Van.
The wind was strong and the large box was catching the wind like a sail.
I returned to the Bird and had to weigh down the Box and it's lid with a large rock, whilst I played catch the birdie.
After a recent BDMLR seal rescue that I saw, I knew to bring one of the fluffy towels to throw over the bird.
He couldn't fly but he tried to escape on his tummy using his wings like oars; trying to paddle his way to freedom.
It didn't take too long to catch and I was keen not to stress the bird. Safely wrapped in the towel, I placed the bird in the box, removed the weight and placed the lid on.
I went to my usual vets, it was around 4-45pm .. it was shut!
I rang another nearby and explained the situation and they said to bring it to them.
It was a cold day so and I was expecting a chilly Beach walk, I must have looked a bit of a sight going into the Vets with two coats  on, a BIG ! wooly hat and a grumpy dog in tow whilst carry a seabird in a box.
I didn't have to wait long and we were in.
The Vet explained that the Guillemots don't come ashore much unless it's to breed , so it must be ill or possibly exhausted due to the terrible weather and stormy sea.
Wings and feet checked out fine so he decided to feed it and let it rest for a couple of days. He added that if all was well, he will release it back to the Sea and went on to say I could maybe ring Monday to see how it was.
We both agreed what a beautiful bird it was.
I went to reception and asked how much to pay, she said "Nothing.".
So hats off  (Including BIG wooly ones.) to Clifton Lodge Vets, Hartlepool.

I researched Guillemots a little and they reckon an average life span of 23 years... hope he / she has lots more to come.

The only downside was the Dog didn't get the usual long walk.
It had been a long day, I start work 7-30am and take him out beforehand too.

I needed a long hot bath.

Up date.. I rang the vet today 13 02 17
about the bird
they said after initially picking up
it went downhill fast and they had to put it to sleep.
Better that, I suppose than being pecked to death by a Crow.


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  1. Sad for outcome. But you did a grand job, you did best possible you could, and lets face it lots of people wouldn't bother. Thank you for trying and caring.