Sunday, 1 January 2017


We headed for the beach and hoped to miss the rain that was forecast.
He had a bath last night and a haircut, so I was hoping we wouldn't be coming back like drowned rats.
The clouds were dramatic and the wind was cold and strong.
The lighter coloured sand was the dry sand shifting in the strong wind.

Stunning cloud formations rolled by.

The dry sand headed south in the wind ... to the North Gare;
yes I know ... South to the North Gare.

Love Seaglass.

A beauty of a Sea Marble.

A tree stump in the dunes, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped... rain coming.

A couple make a dash for the car park as the wind picks up.

Just got back to the car in time; for once!

The large plastic bottle was most probably being used as a float on some crab pots or the like as the handle seems to have worn through were the rope will have been.

The finds including a piece of coal. Well it is New Years Day and I will be the first foot; the coal would mean the house would have heat for the coming year.


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