Sunday, 8 January 2017

SEATON SANDS by torchlight 8 JAN 2017.

It was a work day again today.
To fit in a beach walk it meant torch time.
The weather was ok; didn't need gloves or hat and the rain held off.
There was some patches of searchable shingle and the tide was quite a way out.
I had seen a lone fisherman heading for the Beach as I returned from work, along the sea front, and I presume it was his single light that I could see far off in the distance as I reached the strand line.
Even now I follow Dad's advice of taking more than one torch so that people think there is a couple of you at least, on the Beach as you walk alone.
I had clipped  a light to my coat to use up what was left of it's batteries. I also had two torches on scanning the beach for finds as I walked. 
The fisherman must have saw this and thought three people were walking towards him on the Beach.
He kept shinning his bright lamp in my direction as if trying to work out ... friend or foe?
When I was close enough I illuminated the dog with two torches, so that he could see that I was a harmless dog walker.
We gave the fisherman as wide a berth as we could .
Not long after passing the fisherman, we headed back.
A distant dog barked in the darkness but never appeared from the gloom.
I found a few pieces as you can see above.


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