Thursday, 19 January 2017

SEATON SANDS 19-01-17.

One of two stone hearts found tonight.

It was dark and no bright Moon to guide the way.
Oddly I could see both ends of the beach tonight and the sea too.
Maybe my eyes are getting used to the dark or maybe there was another light source I isn't aware of.
The sea was fairly calm and the Origami Waves folded onto the quiet beach in a regular pattern.
Once in a while a larger wave would belly flop onto the shore and make me turn to check a soaking wasn't heading my way.


Tonight's finds.
The pot will have stated

This arrived today.
I am the world's laziest reader.
I have bought a few beach books recently and there is another due tomorrow. I must must read more.
The pull of the beach is very strong, and now the darkness isn't an issue I cannot use the dark night excuse not to read. I will have to find a time to force myself to sit down and read and relax in a different way.




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