Saturday, 14 January 2017


A tidal surge had hit the East Coast of Britain today.
As I drove home from work around 3 30 pm the Sun was shinning on the walls of waves rolling into Hartlepool Bay.
I had to go to Middlesbrough and went via the Transporter Bridge.
The River Tess was level with the Quayside and the Transporter seemed to be just above the water as it skimmed across to collect me.
It was another Moonlight walk tonight to give me my beach fix.
The wild sea had formed lakes on the beach, some capped with sand coloured foam like a spilt coffee.
The Beach opposite the Clock Tower had been ravaged by the sea.
A great deal of sand had gone and there was a large scattering of stones, so I was hopeful of finds.
Sadly the rocks and shingle turned to smooth flat sand for almost the remainder of the walk to the North Gare.

It's odd to think the in such a Storm that this little  turtle was left the right way up as if running to the dunes for cover,

This fellow never made it, he was up near the Dunes.

The water had gone right unto the Dune area and had left this massive tree trunk high and dry.

The rocks that act as a sea defence at the South end of the Beach had been scattered.
On the way back I found this.
I was hoping it was a ship bell.
It is some sort of Bucket but judging by the concretion had been in the water a while.
I took it back to the car.

Once back at the car I could see that there was a spout opposite the handle.

This piece of glass is trapped in the concretion.
I will clean it tomorrow and try and figure out what the bucket could have been used for and maybe get an idea about the glass shard. It might help give an age to the bucket?
I did a #2minutebeachclean but it is still in the car.
After carrying the bucket back my fingers where almost numb; it was just, only just above freezing.
Whilst doing my blog I listened to this


Have a listen.
Sadly he was another victim of 2016.
I only got to hear about him after his passing.

FOOTNOTE: the following night I tried to  break some of the concretion off. The bucket was too thin and was basically just the concretion holding the shape.


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