Saturday, 28 January 2017


The tide has just turned and was heading back in.
It was a dull morning with a hint of rain.
The amount of shingle made me hopeful of finds.

I headed towards the North Gare and looked back at an almost empty beach. The strips of shingle can be seen in the distance.

There was plenty of shingle down by the North Gare and this Codd Bottle Sea Alley shone like a diamond in the dull morning gloom.

Another one!
This time a proper kids marble type sea alley.

And another Codd Bottle sea alley.

I crossed over to the North Gare Beach aka The Blue Lagoon.
A ship slipped into port down the River Tees.

The Blue Lagoon was edged by a ring of Seacoal

a total of around 50 dead starfish.

An old beached Buoy quietly corrodes down by the River mouth.

I never usually find much over near the Tees but the recent storm surge had changed the beach landscape a little.
There was lots of shingle patches to explore, one of them turned up this little beauty glass bottle stopper.

I crossed back over to the Seaton Carew side of the Pier, with two dogs in tow. I found this tied bag down amongst the shingle.
I placed it down to photograph and examine. I thought I could feel a large coin inside the bag?
I noticed the string was nylon , so I knew then that the contents could be fairly recent.

1. Plastic toy.
2. A 1967 threepenny coin.
3. A 1977 Queen's Jubilee Coin.


The pot finds from today with a couple of pieces of clay pipe stems.

Coins, glass, alleys and a bottle top.

Another book landed on the doorway today for the world's most reluctant reader, aka ME.


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