Wednesday, 21 September 2016

SEATON SANDS 21-09-16.

The nights are closing in, so I'm trying to make the  most of Beach nights before the clocks go back next month. I'm so glad that I made the very most of the summer nights when  I had chance.

Piece of Sea glass looking a little bit like a footprint.

As the sky darkened, Seabirds of all types were in a feeding frenzy, I would guess about 100 of them in total.
As I turned to head back a seal popped up. He must have been after the fish too. He seemed to be following us, as he kept popping up at regular intervals opposite us, at one point you could see the fish scatter like torpedoes away from the Seal causes ripples in the waves.

Blue Sea glass.

A shell, a bonnie stone and some sea pottery.

Sea glass.


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