Monday, 26 September 2016

FIRST BEACH, BLYTH.25-08-16 Beach No. 45 out of a total of 52 for the year.

First Beach Blyth was my second Blyth beach of the day.
This was also  a new to me Beach.
It stretched Northwards from the South Beach and unto Blyth Port and Marina.

Under one of the wooden piers, must have been photographed many times, sorry.

Seconds earlier they had been stood chatting, no doubt one asking the other about what luck he had had today whilst fishing on the Pier.

Across the harbour at Blyth....odd, see below.

I walked along one of the Piers and it brought back memories of a dream that I often had as a child.....
In the dream it was the days of Sail and I just knew that I was in Blyth. I was very young in the dream but was rushing to get to a ship before it left Port. It involved running along a very complicated system of wooden boards, I remember the panic and the fear of the wooden walkways.
I'm not making any claims, what I have written is true and the walkways in the dream were a much more complicated system of interconnecting structures than the ones pictured above.
Maybe I need to google old photographs of Port of Blyth... or maybe not?

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