Wednesday, 28 September 2016


I called into Middleton Beach on the way back.
The sea coal lads had had a look. See the marks to the right of the tyre mark where they have done a test scrape to see how deep the sea coal is.

It is only a small beach , but usually find plenty of glass here.

CRIMDON TO BLACKHALL BEACH 28-09-16 Blackhall becomes beach No. 49 out of a total of 52 different beaches for year.Finds from today

I went to Crimdon today.
Above is My Dad and his Big Sister on a day out at Crimdon back in the 1930's. Crimdon is just North of Hartlepool.

My Great grandad William Grainger SGM a sea hero. When they built the coast road near Hartlepool, he worked as a watchman there.
He would walk to work near Crimdon from his Hartlepool Headland along the beach.

It was a lovely day...

Large driftwood pieces on the shoreline.

Many mounds, Cliffs and Caves along this walk today.

A bit of a waterfall too as the land above the beach drained.

Some of the stairs have been closed off for safety reasons.

There are couple of what I would call pinch points where the tide could catch you out on the way back , so take care.

This beach section had lots of gold or rusty coloured stones edging the sand of the beach.

The dogs have a rest on the way back to Crimdon.
A sign up in the car park gives a few clues as to how popular Crimdon used to be, note the scene at the bottom of the sign.
When I was younger we would go down into Crimdon Dene and play football matches.

Also when young I would go fishing with my Father. We would leave Middleton and motor up to just in line with Crimdon Caravan Park. The engine would be turned off and we would drift until we started getting fish , at which point the anchor was dropped.
#2minutebeachclean from today's walk.

Finds from today; some of the sea glass was very rounded like Seaham sea glass.


Monday, 26 September 2016

DRURIDGE BAY, 25-09-16. Beach 48 out of total of 52 for the year.

Another new to me Beach.
It was a beauty!
Hidden from a small road by the dune system but well worth a look.
Such a long stretch of Beach.

A lovely warm day after early rain, but a strong Breeze.
In towards the dunes.

LOW HAUXLEY BEACH 25-09-16.Beach No. 47 out of a target of 52 for the year.

It was lovely weather, I headed South of Amble Links Beach  and ended up on Low Hauxley  Beach. Coquet Island can be seen in the distant Bay
I explored what I could of the dune system , but a lot of it was back gardens of the small but lovely houses nestling in the dunes.
Above one of them has a seating area over looking the beach with a wind tattered flag and a ships wheel too.

One of the Cottages.


AMBLE LINKS BEACH, 25-09-16. Beach No. 46 out of a target of 52 for the year.

Amble Links Beach is just South of Amble Harbour. To the North it was an odd collection of Rocks and Slabs.
To the South it was sand  with what looked like an ancient forest of dark tree stumps?.....I later found out these were a 7000 year old forest, exposed by the North Sea and a strong wind.

And in the Bay ... Coquet Island.


FIRST BEACH, BLYTH.25-08-16 Beach No. 45 out of a total of 52 for the year.

First Beach Blyth was my second Blyth beach of the day.
This was also  a new to me Beach.
It stretched Northwards from the South Beach and unto Blyth Port and Marina.

Under one of the wooden piers, must have been photographed many times, sorry.

Seconds earlier they had been stood chatting, no doubt one asking the other about what luck he had had today whilst fishing on the Pier.

Across the harbour at Blyth....odd, see below.

I walked along one of the Piers and it brought back memories of a dream that I often had as a child.....
In the dream it was the days of Sail and I just knew that I was in Blyth. I was very young in the dream but was rushing to get to a ship before it left Port. It involved running along a very complicated system of wooden boards, I remember the panic and the fear of the wooden walkways.
I'm not making any claims, what I have written is true and the walkways in the dream were a much more complicated system of interconnecting structures than the ones pictured above.
Maybe I need to google old photographs of Port of Blyth... or maybe not?

Sunday, 25 September 2016

SOUTH BEACH, BLYTH, 25-09-16. Beach Number 44 out of a target of 52 for the year

A new beach to me this one.
lovely stretch of sand at low tide.
It was nice to see St. Mary's Island in the distance from this view.
Like me, you may go to beaches and always wonder what is around the next corner?
I have done the same at St. Mary's Island and now I know.
A nice little choice of food and drink nearby and plenty of seating available nearby just off the promenade.

One of rows of Beach Hut, they looked well cared for.

Each of the huts had a themed name.
Seahorse was my favourite and it was blue and white too; colours of The Mighty Hartlepool United.



Looking towards the River Tees on an evening walk.
It was a mild night but looked much colder.

It had been a windy old day, lots of possible finds would have been hidden by the drifting sand from the dunes.

Someone had been busy clearing a path in the rocks  and they made a seat too!

Tonight's glass scrubbed up well. Nice range of colours.

Sea pottery from tonight... the WES would have been West Hartlepool, most probably by Cameron's Brewery?



Thursday, 22 September 2016

SEATON SANDS 22-09-16.

Another Evening Walk.

The Glass finds.

Sea Pottery and  Sea Spark Plug.

Beach Buoy.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

SEATON SANDS 21-09-16.

The nights are closing in, so I'm trying to make the  most of Beach nights before the clocks go back next month. I'm so glad that I made the very most of the summer nights when  I had chance.

Piece of Sea glass looking a little bit like a footprint.

As the sky darkened, Seabirds of all types were in a feeding frenzy, I would guess about 100 of them in total.
As I turned to head back a seal popped up. He must have been after the fish too. He seemed to be following us, as he kept popping up at regular intervals opposite us, at one point you could see the fish scatter like torpedoes away from the Seal causes ripples in the waves.

Blue Sea glass.

A shell, a bonnie stone and some sea pottery.

Sea glass.


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

SEATON SANDS 20 - 09-16.

Got to the Beach around 6-30 pm
so .. about an hour's daylight left.
In the blink of an eye it was dark.....

Sea Pottery kids tonight. The tide has just turned to night so there wasn't a vast search area.

Sea Glass from tonight.

Beach Buoy.