Saturday, 1 April 2017


The Lighthouse on Hartlepool's Headland.

Germany attacked Hartlepool in 1914 when German battleships appeared on the horizon and bombed the town..The first British Soldier to die on British soil in WW1 was in Hartlepool, along with many others.
were West Hartlepool and Hartlepool; now all one town.
The football club was Hartlepools United, the towns amalgamated
in the 1960's. The club became Hartlepool FC, but later became HARTLEPOOL UNITED.

Cannon captured from Russian Army during the Crimean War. 

Headland's War Memorial.

Hugh Breakwater; protecting Hartlepool from the worst of the North Sea's power for many years.

My Great Grandfather ringing The Fog Bell on the Breakwater back in the 1930's

Looks like it was a wet day.

Great Grandfather William with his Irish bride Biddy (Bridget.)
having a sit on the Breakwater.

Very little Beach today.
It was High tide.

Pilot Pier at mouth of the Port.

Hartlepool's Andy Capp.

St. Hilda's Church.
A stunning Church.
One of my proudest and saddest moments was here, the day the family asked me to "Take a corner."... help carry the coffin of my brave Cousin.


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