Sunday, 30 April 2017

A DAY OUT 30-04-17.

Here is the view from where I have always called Pin point at Carlton in Cleveland. As a child I visited Carlton Camp which is situated down the village at the bottom of the bank.
The camp was used by the children of Hartlepool.

When Hartlepool became part of Cleveland, schools from other parts of Cleveland were able to use the Camp.
Here is a link to it's history.

Story of Carlton Camp.
When we went to the Camp we lived in fear of the ghost of the Grey Lady.
 See here..
Ghost of the Grey Lady.

I went to Carlton today because some had told me of a Cafe that had been built in the Area.
I found it to believe and went to see for myself
here is their website...
Lordstones Cafe

We walked form Lordstones up to Pin Point .
A fresh breeze kept us cool.
This lone tree seemed very determined to grow despite the strong winds it must endure in it's exposed location.

Later in the day I made a trip to Seaton Sands, Hartlepool.

The wind was off the Sea and it was Strong.

One of the good things about a rough Sea is that it mixes things up in the Bay and leaves treasures like this on the Beach.

I went up into the Dunes to view the Bay

The view South from the dunes, looking over to North Gare Beach and the River Tees.

I made some sea pottery finds on the walk back.
This one looks like a simple design for a man?


A couple of flower designs................

The soft dry sand has been stripped from the Beach by the strong wind and pushed towards the Car Park.

Time to call it a Day.


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