Saturday, 4 March 2017


First day off in a while.
We hit the Beach around 10am, having waited for the tide to head out for a good while.
The Sky and Sea were grey.
It was a mild day and it was so good to be out.

I have collected far too much glass and pottery over the years and as I hardly ever use it I have decided to only keep the best of any pieces.
The others will be left for others... if there are any others?
Above and below are the pieces I left behind today.

We crossed over to the mouth of the River Tees at North Gare Beach
aka The Blue Lagoon.

Skylarks were larking about over the Dunes.
I love their song;reminds of Summer walks.

Groups of Dog walkers and Dogless walkers dotted the North Gare Beach. It's the weekend, it's England; we are so lucky.

Back over on Seaton Sands Beach on the way back I spotted and collected this keeper.


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