Wednesday, 8 March 2017

SEATON CAREW 08-03-17.

After work walk once again.
Lovely Blue Sky today. 

A few tyres have appeared on the Beach lately.

Odd layered possibly melted glass.
A bonnie colour.

Another tyre, it's rubbish but I do like the reflection.



He saw another Dog in the distance.

Found this near North Gare... It is off a vintage car or Sentinel Steam Lorry. It is a seating washer for the old fashioned Headlamp. The other side is flat and this is the side that would bolt to the car. The now squashed domed top would seat and support the lamp.

I left these at North Gare.


As usual he wanted to stay... see the draglines?
He looks deep into my eyes as if saying "Really? Going already?"

The keepers for today.


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