Saturday, 25 March 2017


It was just gone high tide.
I had planned to go to Noses Point and walk to Hawthorn Hive, but it would have meant very little beach to walk on.
I headed to Seaham Hall Beach and after a sit in the Sun I shuffled along as far as the stack that marks the access to Ryhope Beach.
The day was punctuated by Kayaks, Microlights and really annoying drones but they couldn't spoil a glorious day of lovely weather.

Heading North...

I knew the tide was going out, so it was safe to pass this pinch point in the cliffs

A driftwood bird sticking it's beak in!

I didn't go hunting for glass, it was more of a ... enjoy the nice day walk... but I did find this well worn bottle top.

The stack.

There had been a cliff fall / land slip and it looked a bit risky to cross over to Ryhope Beach.

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