Friday, 3 March 2017

Empty Spaces.

Dad was many things.
He was my mate.
Like most kids I wanted to make him proud; didn't always succeed.
He died suddenly many years ago in his mid fifties.
It was him that has left me with a yearning to be Beach bound as much as possible.
We would be on the Beach Saturdays and Sundays, Beachcombing  walking, thinking... living.
After he died the things he left behind became more precious.
He used to draw in the empty spaces in books always with a nautical link.
I have included the ones I found here.

Above a collection of three ships of differing types.

He never drew people much... he knew and understood boats better.
Boats are Boats but sometimes people are something else...

Fitting that this one is drawn in a book called The Sea Fishing Industry.

Here is the Old Man ignoring all the safety rules.
He is making a real boat.
He drew it, or maybe I should say he designed it.
see Below.

And here is the finished article.


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  1. Wow, just wow! Love your Dad's drawings. My husband is always drawing boats, but sailing boats. I only draw one kind of boat, Seabird Half Rater that used to sail in with husband. I still love her, but can't sail in her any more. She's beautiful, with red hull and red sails, and peacock blue spinnaker. Better not start boring you with detail! ;) I'm really loving your blog. :)