Saturday, 31 December 2016

SEATON SANDS 31 12 16.

Last day of 2016.
64 different beaches done this year and over 300 blogposts.
I wish you all the best who ever you are.
Today was a late Morning walk.
I had noticed many full black bags on the Promenade near to the rubbish bins.
As you may be able to see by the drifting sands; it was a windy day and in the distance some good souls are collecting rubbish on the beach on New Years Eve.
I am a loner at heart, and would never do an organised beach clean, so I do my bit when I can with a #2minutebeachclean
started by Martin Dorey.

Red seaglass; not common around these parts.

A sea worn bone.
As always with these, I buried it.
This one went up in the Dunes.
It could just be off an animal?
But you never know, there has been many shipwrecks in the bay over the years and many seafarers lost; including some on my family tree.

Plastic and some ghost fishing gear.

Lots of Shingle again today so there was a few sea pottery finds despite the drifting dune sands blowing and sticking to the wet Beach.

Sea glass finds, a bit of variety in the colours today.
Still not sure what I am going to do with all?
I would rather be on a Beach collecting it than making use of it all.
Maybe it is just stock for when I have the time to spend doing both?

ONE DAY......

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