Monday, 19 December 2016


I don't get on to the Beach early mornings as often as I would like to.
But today it was up  and out to try and catch a nice Sunrise.
The Sky was speckled with Seagulls, waking from the darkness and flying off in a constant search for food.

There was steam rising from the sea.
Perhaps the sea is still warm from the Summer heat and it showed on this cold fresh morning?

Plenty of shingle and a nice coloured sea glass piece.

We walked via the Beach to the rock breakwater towards the North Gare. We clambered along the rocks to get as far as the Gare as the tide was quite high and I sometimes get good finds there.
To make life easier for the dog, I decided to head back through the Dunes then re-join the Beach after the rocks.

We came across this little chap in the Dunes and to be honest I thought it was dead.
It was in an odd place and I was worried even if it was strong that it wouldn't get back to the relative safety of the North Sea.

I phoned the RSPCA.
Then the BDMLR as suggested,
and they came to help!
The  seal seemed glad of the company but just kept nodding off.
It was cold  and I had to keep giving the dog Cuddles to warm him up as he was shivering.
A man turned up from the BDMLR very promptly to assess the seal.
It was decided he needed to be collected.
I waited with the Seal for another man from the BDMLR to arrive.

"Hope he gets here soon."

The little chap was sleeping for England and breathing very deeply.

I warned a couple of dog walkers about the resting Seal.

He was a little soldier keeping guard.

Helped arrived and Sammy the Seal was driven away.
I must admit that I was worried about wasting their time, but they said "Good call." so that was nice to know.
He was later weighed and judged ok to go back to the Sea,
they released him at Seal Sands. They said he went into the Sea eagerly of his own accord.
It was a great effort from the BDMLR, in all it was under 3 hours to come and asses and then collect the Seal.
I have to admit to becoming a little emotional as he drove off.

Heading back to the Car, I searched the many shingle patches and it seemed as though Sammy had left a Thank You Sea Marble.

The finds.

The Heroes.
here is a link to their website


I cannot praise them highly enough.


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