Wednesday, 19 October 2016


I have been taking Wednesdays off lately, today was no different.
I was tempted to give Hawthorn Hive another visit to see what it was like with a lower tide and dry weather!
Instead I opted for  Seaton Carew and Middleton.
I haven't been able to get on the Beach much in the last week when it was a low tide.
So I was hopeful of some nice finds after the breathtaking Blue, Green, Titanium and White rough Seas of late.
It was a mid morning visit to what is my local beach.
The breeze was fresh but there was heat in the October Sun.
The Beach glowing.

Looking back towards Seaton Village from the North Gare.
Not as many finds here as I had hoped.

Some glass but nothing out of the ordinary... just broken bottles.

Only a few bits of broken pot too.
There was a piece of a fossil; the dark piece at the top of the picture.


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