Thursday, 6 October 2016

SEATON SANDS, HARTLEPOOL. 06-10-16. The Ridley Scott blogpost...

Another grab the light Beach walk.
Now that the Dog ban is done for a few months, I joined the Beach a little more North than of late.
I parked behind Seaton Carew Rock Shop...
You know the one in the Ridley Scott film BOY AND BICYCLE.
The film was filmed in Hartlepool and Seaton Carew in 1965.
It stars his brother Tony.
The both went to West Hartlepool Collage of Art.
It is on You Tube no doubt.

The Sea was wild .... and quick. I have wet feet to prove it... it was fun and it's nothing a fluffy towel can't put right.

They love it really!

Although the tide was high I still managed a nice variety of colours. The darkness fell as the Sea was giving up it's treasures.

No great colour variation, but some with writing on.



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