Saturday, 29 October 2016


The clocks go back at the weekend :-(
At the moment some work days allow me my Beach fix but with the nights closing in it will mean less and less Beach visits.
I'm dreading the long dark nights so much.
I have been working weekend overtime and using up remaining holidays by taking Wednesdays off recently to break up the week, but I only have a couple of Wednesdays left in the bank to take but at least these allow daytime visits to Beaches.
It must seem funny to some people in other situations, professions or countries to be working the weekends, but it's part and parcel of the line of work I ended up in.
I should maybe get going and start to make something from all of my finds, but there's a limit to how much I can stash around the place and I certainly don't have a selling bone in my body.
I have made some things and they were either given away or are still lurking in the bursting at the seams shed.

It was a nice calm walk, just myself and two dogs in tow.
With one of them the phrase is perfect as half the time he is like a sand locked water-skier. He loves the Beach as much as I do but is very stubborn, but then again aren't well all in different ways?

It was only at the end of the walk I realised I had lost my car key on the beach.
Many trips up and down the Beach failed to locate it.
It's not the end of the world and worse things happen at sea they say.
The search went from daylight to the glow of sunset pictured below and into darkness with a phone screen's light as a guide.
It's odd, I think I know when I lost it.
It's all to do with what I call the ripple effect.

It happened like this....
I sit with three others at work at the canteen table to have our BAIT. Two are well on the way to retirement and I worked out we had a combined age between the four of us of 244 !
The other night I saw boxes of Candy sticks with tattoos free inside, the type of tattoo were you wet your arm and stick them on.
Candy sticks were once known as Candy Cigarettes and they had a red tip as if the cigarette was lit.
I bought us all a box and gave them out at bait time.
They went down well; tattoos, fake tabs and all.
Anyway one of my workmates put his tattoo of a storm trooper on his hand. He arrived home to find a toffee apple waiting for him. So it was then he text me with a picture of his tattooed hand with toffee apple... like being a kid again....

I must have pulled the key from my pocket whilst getting my mobile phone to look at the text.
So the ripple effect theory is.... if i hadn't have taken the tabs in the Key wouldn't be lapping about in the sea somewhere.
Someone may find it 50 years from now and wonder what it's story is?

Balloons, bottle tops, ghost fishing fish, straw, Can , Spray Bottle and plastic.

Finds... glass and pottery and copper shot gun cartridge.


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