Saturday, 8 October 2016


Big Brother and me at Seaton Carew, we only lived a couple of miles away but it was still a day out and a different world.
Funny thing is sometimes it was 2 buses to get there, No. 7 into town and No.13 to Seaton Carew... should have just walked but it seemed like miles away.
Picnics that put the sand in sandwich.
Flasks with a cork stopper.
My shirts are less bonny now, but I still twist and jump with joy every time I hit the beach

Same beach just over 50 years later....

That dark patch in the distance near the couple of figures...That looks like shingle and shingle means finds.

Clouds over Hartlepool's historic headland. My great great grandmother moved there from Robin Hood's Bay.

Lovely Sea Pottery flower.. amongst the shingle.

Pot lid ... amongst the ..... shingle.

A large float collected as part of my #2minutebeachclean

The rock pools drained into the Sea.

Dark clouds over the Shingle patch.

The Sea Pottery finds from today's walk on sand and shingle...
do it sometime.

Sea Glass......


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