Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Middleton Beach looking towards Seaton Carew across Hartlepool Bay.
Around 95% of this beach is tidal, so if you time your visit badly then you will just be stood a very small bit of sand surrounded by sea worn house bricks mixed in with whatever rubbish had washed in on the tide. The rest of the Beach will be spotless thanks to it's tidal status.
To the outsider this may not seem much of a beach, this was THE beach for Dad and I.
Lots of memories.
I served my apprenticeship in a Factory on the bank top over looking the Beach.

Nice bottle top.

A mixture of Sea pottery, lots of tile on this beach from old bathroom suites dumped onto the beach from the bank top over the years.
The piece with PHON written on it looks interesting. I wonder what it was off? It was slightly curved.
The little circle at the top has Disney written at the bottom.
I think it is a plate or saucer off a toy set.

Bundles of Glass, three nice bottle neck tops and some more pieces for my Sea Mirror collection... remember  ? bathrooms!

I had segregated the finds to show what was what from each Beach visit. The #2minutebeachclean is a combination of both visits.


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