Wednesday, 12 October 2016

HAWTHORN HIVE BEACH VIA THE BLAST BEACH AT SEAHAM 12-10-16. Hawthorn is beach 56 for the year

Blast Beach finds......
Hawthorn Hive finds, now read how I travelled there.....
I moved the car to the South end of Nose's Point carpark, before setting off in the rain for Hawthorn Hive Beach. My thinking was that by the time I had been to Hawthorn Hive and back in the wet I would be glad to see the car a little sooner.
I was.
I just couldn't not go on the Blast Beach even though there is a track to Hawthorn up on the clifftop.
So another slippery slope awaited myself and two wet dogs.

The waves rolled in as I looked for sea glass.

We walked as far as the steps at Frenchman's cove and took the steps to join the track to Hawthorn Hive.

Eventually we reached  Hawthorn Dene Meadow. It was a pleasant surprise.

The sound of the Sea becomes louder as you reach the bottom of the Dene. Before you know, you are on the Beach.
It felt like a little bit of an adventure and a new Beach was the reward. It was well worth the walk , even in the Peter Kay rain.

If you turn and look back at the Dene once you reach the beach then this is the impressive view.

Within a couple of minutes I had found these beauties.

Hawthorn Hive Beach looking South.
Found some nice glass even though the tide was quite high.
I decided to travel back by the walkway up above the blast beach so that I could work out directions for anyone wanting to walk here from Noses Point Carpark.
It's about a Forty minute walk ... one way.

This is the route I took but assess the risks yourself.

1. Parked South end of Noses Point Car Park.

2. Headed to The Blast Beach through the break in the low fence because why walk on a track when you can walk on a Beach?. It's a very steep bank down to the Beach.The Blast Beach is South of the Car Park.
If you didn't want to do the Blast Beach then you could just take the black tarmac track heading south from the Car park and head down to the footbridge. The footbridge will take you to the sign below
This will be the track you join from the Blast Beach via Frenchman's Cove.
I walked South on the Blast Beach about two thirds of the way along there are some steps back unto the top.
It's Frenchman's Cove and these are the steps.
Then it was up to yellow track alongside railway fence and headed South.

3. I walked as far as the brick Hawthorn Quarry Railway Bridge.
4. I crossed the Bridge and came to the Quarry fence, the track forks just past the quarry.
I took the left fork.

5. I came to a Metal gate with a wooden frame on the right and passed on the right hand side.

6. It was a very short walk down into the Dene.
I turned left and came to a wooden post about 1 metre high.
I turned left at the post even though it looked the less worn track.

7. I came to a small brick wall with an iron bow frame on the left allowing me to pass.

8. The path lead to another footbridge, which I crossed.

9. I came to a set of steps and about three quarters of the way up the steps gave a left option which I took towards the sound of the Sea.

10. I followed the track the Beach.

It was well worth the 40 minute or so walk.

If you do as I did please take care.
Beware that it is a very secluded Beach and bear in mind there are idiots wherever you go in the world.
I wouldn't want anyone to put themselves at risk because of something I had written.
Here are some useful links for the area in general.

maps and info..


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