Monday, 3 October 2016

EASINGTON, SHIPPERSEA BAY AND HORDEN. The last 2 being No. 50 and 51 of my target of 52 beaches in a year.

Arrived 9-45am it was low tide around 11-30am.
I had been here once before , so as always with beaches that I do not know too well... I am always keeping an eye on the tide.
Lots of cliffs around here and a lot of places to become unstuck.

The sea glass here tends to  be a bit like the Seaham glass in shape if not in colour or design.

Fox Holes Dene; it is said a Hermit used to live in the nearby caves and he was known as The Fox.

Headed South towards Horden and passed a Rusting Cliff tossed car.  I headed South for a good while to claim Horden Beach as Number 50 of 52. I wanted to get to Shippersea Bay today so I turned around and Headed North...

Back onto Easington beach and an old railway wheel pulls into view.

Ticked off the list of landmarks as I headed to Shippers Bay... this one is Shot Rock.

And this is Loom.

More Rocks as I neared Shippersea Bay.

Shippersea Bay., Beach No. 51 out of 52 for the year.....I had a mooch, but by now the tide had turned so I did likewise and headed back  for Easington ... and the car!

Then it was back up "those" stairs and to the car.

As I was driving back to Seaton Carew I passed through Horden
and decided to find the South end of the beach. Access to this part of the Beach was via a narrow track leading to a very small parking area for around 6 cars.

Horden with it's Crust of waste from the pit days. As I left the Beach a small boy dressed in motorcycle clothing passed in the opposite direction and said "Hello.", as an adult followed him pushing a small scrambling / trials motorcycle. I said "Hello." to both. "Alright  Mucker." replied the taller of the two.

Here are the finds from today.

Close up.

Some Nice Colours...


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