Wednesday, 12 October 2016

CHEMICAL BEACH, DAWDON / SEAHAM 12-10-16. Beach No. 55 for year.

First parking Bay at Noses Point Dawdon  / Seaham.
Low tide was around 7-30 am .. it was now 9-30am.
As you can see by the windsocks the wind and rain were strong.
I had often wondered where the access was to the Chemical Beach.
I had looked on Google earth and noticed a track down but over the fence.
During a visit to the Blast Beach a few days earlier, I had a look at the Chemical Beach from above only , but knew I would be back soon.The weather was terrible and so was the access to be honest.
Down a slippy grass bank it was, with the wear of use, creating a makeshift set of steps, but thanks to the rain the track needed caution.
The track ends at some large irregular shaped sea defence rocks. In the dry these would be a challenge with odd angles and big drop in between them, in the wet it was a crawl, a jump, a bum slide and a clamber to cross the dark wet rocks to gain access to beach No.55 for the year. During my search for a track to the beach in the last few days, I came to realise this was the beach that the lifeboat George Elmy was washed back to shore in 1962 after the tragic events of the disaster.
I cannot do the story justice, so see here
The George Elmy 1962

First thing I did was lift my cap to the memories of all 9 of those lost in 1962. The view above is South.

The incoming tide was rough.

I love the old timbers.

Looking North towards Seaham Harbour.

Very little glass on this Beach, so trying your luck on the access route isn't worth it if it's Seaham glass you want.


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