Sunday, 9 October 2016


First job today beach-wise was to do a recky on the Chemical Beach. I looked on google earth as I was unsure how to get down to the Beach and figured it out.
The photograph above is of the Beach. I have day off on Wednesday  and will paying this and Hawthorn Hive Beach a visit, they will both be new to me Beaches.

So then it was down  the slippery slope, down to The Blast Beach.

Blast Beach looking North. The Beach was used for some scenes in the film Alien 3 due to it's appearance. 

Nose's Point is where you park to be able to get to the Beach.

Looking North...

Instead of the steep bank walk back to the car . I came up the steps about two thirds along the length of the Beach known as Frenchman's Cove . I was greeted with a rainbow for my troubles.
As I left I saw the Welcome sign. I hadn't been this way before.
I have never had much luck with glass on this Beach... until today.



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