Tuesday, 26 July 2016

SEATON REACH, SEATON CAREW, HARTLEPOOL 26 JULY 2016. Beach No. 28 out of a Target of 52 for the year.

It wasn't meant to be a beach visit as such, it started out as a Prom walk with Daughter, Grandson, two dogs and a Frisbee.
It's funny how you can live somewhere for years and not notice things. I passed this sign which lies  South of the Staincliffe Hotel and realised I had another beach to add to my target of 52 for the year. My criteria was, if it had a different name then that counted as a different beach. Where possible I have taken a picture of the information board at each beach , with its code number.

We left the prom to claim the beach; this was fine as dogs are allowed on this part of the beach all year round. This part of the beaches of Seaton Carew and surrounding area is completely covered by the high tide, but as you can see the tide was well out.
I have never found anything  to add to my finds collection from this Beach. The view above is looking South, The River Tees and Cleveland Hills in the distance.

The view North toward's Hartlepool Headland.

As i write this the rain is falling onto the windows in the roof.
It's so relaxing,


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