Tuesday, 12 July 2016

SALTBURN BEACH 10-07-16.. Beach No.27 out of a target of 52 for the year.

Reached the halfway mark now in my quest for 52 different beaches in a year; trouble is it is the seventh month.
It started really well as we weren't working much overtime at work, so the weekends were mine to do as I wished , which meant beach and beach. I've no doubt I will get to 52.

Saltburn is a nice place to visit, in fact one of our younger group members said that it was just about the best beach / seaside town he had been to. "All it needs is a Haven campsite up on the cliff and it would be perfect." He said.
I think it is just fine as it is.

In the distance is Redcar and onto Seaton Carew.

The lovely Pier and Cliff Lift.

The Saltburn yarn bombers place knitted scenes along the Pier.
This year the theme is Yorkshire.
In the past the have celebrated 150 years of Alice in Wonderland, The World Cup, The Queen's Jubilee and London Olympics.

The Women's Institute.

David Hockney Tribute.

Looks like this Old Dumper Truck is used to take the boats to Sea.

You may wish to visit the web site below?


The finds... more the daughter's than mine.



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