Sunday, 31 July 2016


She Loves me; She Loves me Knot... a knot on a fence post on the way to the seal viewing area  at Greatham Creek.
My Mother was born in Greatham which is a village on the edge of Hartlepool. The Creek runs from the village to Seaton Channel where it becomes the River Tees.
When I was a child there were houseboats and cabins in the creek.
I found a good site; which has much more information about the olden days. so search greatham creek and I would pick the amber-online link.

A Broken Stile.

There's a footbridge to cross; the viewing area can be seen on the left.

The hide.

Half a dozen seals close by the hide.

It's a telephone photograph ; but there is at least another 30 or so at the water's edge.
Sometimes there are none.
If you go to view the seals,; leaving Hartlepool on the Tees Road the car park is on the right , past Tioxide and just over the bridge.
RSPB Salthomle is just a bit more down the road if you want to go bird spotting, have a coffee or have lunch.
There is an entry fee.


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