Thursday, 16 June 2016


 In the Summer Months they clean certain parts of the beach with a machine, it turned the sand to reveal a bottle top from the past; maybe just the 1970's / 80's .See the picture down below.

The Beach was fairly quiet with shingle ahead.

The person on the right just appeared out of the waves in a wet/ dry suit and was met by their friend.

A can with best before date of April 2002 wedged in the rocks ; now in the recycling.

The finds from tonight ; again I left a lot behind  in an attempt to reduce my stock.

The red and white one was tonight's find, picture it's predecessors.

I found the brown one tonight. They are known as jacks or five stones... I mow have 5 so all i need now as a gonggi.

with 16 balloons!
and a can from 2002.

Beach Buoy.

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