Sunday, 12 June 2016

SEATON SANDS, SEATON CAREW, HARTLEPOOL 11-06-16 #2minutebeachclean

We arrived at the beach around 4-35pm.
We being myself and two dogs or should I say one dog and a bag of cement on a lead ; my dog can be hard work.

Only a few people around. The couple to the left had a grrrrrrr
metal detector.

The photograph does not do justice to the amount  of sand disturbance, there is a massive drop in some areas.

That heavy wheel is still rolling about on the beach, too heavy and too far to take back with two dogs in tow.

The shingle had filled in between the rocks, i was hopeful of a good find or two.

And still vast amounts of shingle scattered along the beach.

This Sea Alley  was up near North Gare.

... and this was found on the beach area.

Numerous finds tonight.

My #2minutebeachclean on #2minutebeachclean day.


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