Sunday, 15 May 2016


I have been going to beaches for many years.
As a child it was with my Father and from the start I was always picking things up of interest and keeping them, from bottle tops to broken clay pipes.
The item I have put at number ten was one of my earliest finds and to be honest it wasn't a beach find as such.
We had parked up near the Middleton side of the ferry and Old Lifeboat Station to go onto the beach. This area no longer exists  due to changes in the harbour layout. 
I was just South of the Life boat Station and noticed it on the floor in the dark gravel, dust  and cinders that seemed to be in that area...
PLASTIC!; the litter of today. I picked up plastic back in the late 1960's!
It has cracked and dulled with time a little life myself.
But here it is...
What the heck is that!
Well it is
60mm x 40mm x 18mm
Plastic, and at the time of finding,Dad said that it was a paperweight.
Inside the block, frozen in plastic time is a plastic crab, two shells and some seaweed. A fitting beach themed find.
I am  in my late 50's  now so this has to be around 50 years old! 

The value is only sentimental, which maybe is the best value of all.
I have had it with me most of my life and can still remember the day so well.
No doubt when I pop my clogs it will be heading for the bin, but hopefully they put it in the recycling one.
I will have to do this top ten in bite size pieces as I am hopeless at writing things down, as there always seems something else to do.

Thanks to Dad for getting me into Beaches.
The Sea is in our blood, but more of that in the others top ten list.


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