Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Arrived about 6 p.m. the tide had peaked around 4-30 and was on the way back out.

It hadn't been the highest of tides as much of the sand was pop marked from yesterday's thunder storm and the rain it brought.

There wasn't a great deal of search area for finds as the tide hadn't gone out that much and sand had replaced some of the shingle of last night.

The waves lapped lazily up the slope of the beach.

We sat on the seat in the dunes and waited for the water to recede  a little

This was our view.

A broken Pallet down by the North Gare.

A Couple of figures head for Seaton.

I had a right good search of the shingle area and JACKPOT!
can you see it ? ... The Sea Alley?

There she blows !

The Sun was heading for Bed.


The finds.

Beach Buoy.

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