Wednesday, 11 May 2016


There is no such thing as a bad beach or a bad tide.
But ...... the last few nights had been in and around high tide at my chosen time to fit in a visit. Circumstances meant I could go a little earlier tonight, so even though the tide was coming in, it meant I would have a larger search area.
Its funny that the other night I was waiting for the tide to go out a little and it never seemed to budge; tonight it seemed to be flying in.
I was wanting to get to the North Gare to have a good old mooch.
I searched as I walked as I always do.

Just one dog tonight and I'm using my favourite was a beach find.

It was sunny but with an active Sea.
Not many people or dogs about and the dark patch ahead meant one thing and one thing only Shingle! and Shingle usually means finds.

The waves just rolled in.

Arty Farty shot in black & white.

Sea Marble Heaven recently.

Small piece of Orange sea glass.

It is a fantastic beach.

This one was nearly reclaimed by the Sea.... see below.

Can you see it and waves just a couple of feet away?

Tonight's finds.

Another balloon in my #2minutebeachclean, it still had Helium in it and it took some bursting!

The Beaches have worn him out and i can hear him snore in the next room as i type.


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