Monday, 2 May 2016


The day hadn't gone as I had hoped.
I was going to go to  a new Beach to add to my list of 52 for the year but it wasn't to be.
I still took a picnic for me and the Dogs even though we were  only two minutes from Base Camp. I consider myself very lucky to live within a couple of minutes walk to such an interesting beach, with the chance of many finds as well as the lovely sandy beach, dramatic seas and the dune area.
Vibrant not tired!
Seaton Carew is what it is; a Small village that is now part of Hartlepool. It's not Blackpool, there are Arcades and an excellent Tea  Room, Ice cream Parlours and some good Fish and Chip shops.
I am very proud to come from Hartlepool ; often the punchline in a comedian's joke and often written off by others.
There is nowhere else in England that I would rather live.

The view out to sea and the to the South in the photograph below were much more darker than the Northern view.

I thought the clouds looked dramatic.

We paused near the North Gare 

There was lots of shingle in this area today so I was hopeful of finds.
They were keen to walk, so up we got.

One of the dogs had his leg caught in it's lead and as i reached down to untangle it; i saw this!

We crossed over to The Blue Lagoon or North Gare Beach to give it it's correct name.

We had another sit down, it had been an odd day and I was little unsettled all day. The night before I had had a vivid dream about a body being found on a Mountain after many years. When I woke in  the morning the news said a couple of poor lads had been found on a mountain  after being missing for years. I'm not claiming anything it just unsettled me. I really hope that  they can rest in peace now.

On my way back towards Seaton Carew I couldn't resist another search of the shingle area after my earlier success. I'm glad I did; another Sea Alley (Marble)

And another!
And a bottle top !

And another!

Heading Back.

Tide was on the way out.

I loved the contrast of the dark sky and light sand.

We had a picnic in the back of the car.

Daughter's dog, he is so loving and loves to come on the beach with us.

Glass and Pottery finds.

The best finds.



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