Sunday, 29 November 2009


It was very wet & very windy.I maybe should have had a tripod when i took photographs.
The one above look a little like Christmas Trees.(Better when viewed larger.

This time the wind wobble created matchstickmen maybe working at the steelworks across the river?

The strong wind blew straight in from the sea...
It was wet and ....Bracing.
Beach Buoy


Beach Buoy

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Seaton Carew,Blue Lagoon & Third beach 15 November 2009

Arrived Old Fairground Car Park 7-16 am

2 cars

3 people

3 dogs

A fresh breeze from the South,cooler and not as strong as yesterday.
As I crossed over the North Gare the wind on the Blue Lagoon side was stronger and filled with the smell of chemicals from the other side of the River

The tide was very low, it made me realise the the sand dunes that I had always thought where at the other side of the river, where reachable on foot.
The photograph below was taken from a very narrow strip of sand dune.(That I had thought was across the River!)
The Blue Lagoon Beach is on the Left and the third beach the River is on the right.

Below is a view from the narrow sand dune looking up the river .

Below is a view across the third beach to the river

Below is a sign spotted in the Sand dunes ..i was nowhere near the SOS area (Honest)
it must have blow off.

Below is a man I spotted fishing on the way back along Seaton that's what I call a float!
Beach Buoy.

Seaton Carew & Blue Lagoon 14 November 2009

Arrived 7-26am
One car in Car Park.
It was a Grey start to the day, with a strong wind from the South.
I could see 7 people and 3 dogs on the beach
When we crossed the North Gare,Bonnie found a ball, but wasn't too impressed when i threw it.
Thinks .... Don't you want it then?

The strong wind was blowing all of the dry sand North.

Beach Buoy.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Seaton Carew & Blue Lagoon November,2009 (Two for the price of one.)

Lost track a little so I have uploaded a few photographs from two different trips to the beach.
As you may be able to see, one of the beach trips was a wet one?

Seaton Carew

The blue Lagoon ....

A view across the River Tees. Looks better if viewed Large.

Beach Buoy.