Monday, 1 May 2017

A DAY IN THE LIFE ... 01 MAY 2017.

The day started at Runswick Bay.
The tide was well out.
We stopped at the Cafe near to the slope with all the bonny coloured boats on.
It's to the left on the photograph below.

I love the collection of small upturned boats.

I came to Runswick Bay last year of one of my fifty two Beaches in a year quest, there seems to have been a fair bit of coastal erosion since then?
I did wonder if this year's storm surge did the majority of the damage?

We drove the short distance to Port Mulgrave with the intention  of walking along the clifftop to Staithes.

The scenery is gorgeous.

I photographed this old building last year too, I hope they never fix that roof; it's fantastic!

Eventually you are greeted by Staithes Harbour.

It was a low tide today.

Our path was blocked by a Brewery delivery wagon delivering to The Cod and Lobster Pub.
A detour lead me to this and it tickled my fancy.

The busy but still little boats at rest in the low tide.

Some of the cottages at the North side of Staithes.

Later ... back in Seaton Carew I was off along the prom on my bike.

It was around high tide and some of the waves were crashing onto the prom.

Even later it was time for a Staithes bought Scone and a very strong cup of tea.

I enjoyed my day today
I hope you did too.
and still have 6 more days off ...GET IN !


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